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When the Korean War broke out, Hispanic-Americans again answered the call to duty as they, their brothers, cousins, and friends had done in World War II. President Barack Obama presented 24 Army veterans with the Medal of Honor in one of the largest Medal of Honor ceremonies in history, March 18, 2014.

Many of the Hispanic Soldiers who fought in Korea were members of the all-Hispanic U. Army unit, the 65th Infantry Regiment, which fought in every major campaign of the war. Harris, whose experience eventually led him to regard the regiment as "the best damn Soldiers that I had ever seen." One of the most significant battle took place near Yongam-ni in October when the regiment routed a force of 400 enemy troops. Each of these Soldiers’ bravery was previously recognized by award of the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest award; that award was upgraded to the Medal of Honor.

The 65th Infantry Regiment, nicknamed "The Borinqueneers," originated from the Borinquen-one of the native Taino indian name for the island of Puerto Rico. 25, 1950, two months into the Korean War, with the U. Army's situation in Korea deteriorating, the Department of the Army's headquarters decided to bolster the 3rd Infantry Division, and owing in part to the 65th Infantry Regiment's outstanding performance during Operation PORTREX, it was among the units selected for the combat assignment. Fighting as a segregated unit from 1950 to 1952, the regiment participated in some of the fiercest battles of the war, and its toughness, courage and loyalty earned the admiration of many who had previously harbored reservations about Puerto Rican soldiers based on lack of previous fighting experience and negative stereotypes, including Brig. By the end of the month, the regiment had taken 921 prisoners while killing or wounding more than 600 enemy soldiers. Douglas Mac Arthur, commander-in-chief of the United Nations Command in Korea, to observe that the Regiment was “showing magnificent ability and courage in field operations”. On the morning of the third day, with the top of the hills within reach, two battalions of the 65th Regiment fixed bayonets and charged straight at the enemy positions. The regiment is credited with capturing 2,086 enemy soldiers and killing 5,905. Congressional review and the 2002 National Defense Authorization Act prompted a review of Jewish-American and Hispanic-American veteran war records from WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Many members of the 65th were direct descendants of that tribe. The decision to send the regiment to Korea and attach it to the 3rd Infantry Division was a landmark change in the U. In late January 1951, the regiment were below the South Korean capital of Seoul, under orders to take two hills being held by the Chinese 149th Division. During their service in Korea, the men of the 65th Infantry Regiment won four Distinguished Service Crosses and 125 Silver Stars. 1726 to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the Borinqueneers, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building's South Court Auditorium, June 10, 2014. During the review, records of several Soldiers of neither Jewish nor Hispanic descent were found to display criteria worthy of the Medal of Honor.

Hispanics were especially instrumental in protecting the southwest against Confederate advances, most notably in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

This war brought together a coalition military force composed of NATO member countries to oppose Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, our ally and an oil rich nation, Aug. Approximately 20,000 Hispanic serviceman and women participated in Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

According to Defense Manpower Data Center statistics, Hispanics comprised 4.2 percent or the Army representation in the Persian Gulf theater during the war.

The merciless campaign lasted two months in terrain laced with tank traps, wires, mines and bamboo thickets.

The Texas National Guard's 141st Infantry Regiment fought in France and Italy for one year and suffered thousands of casualties.

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