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It has a compact rectangular frame similar to that of many other MP3 players on the market.

Add warm water to your hair and massage through from roots to ends.Wash your complete head thoroughly with warm water. Use a colour-saving shampoo and conditioner to help your new hair colour last longer. Wella Color Touch is a semi-permanent hair colour that can be used to change the colour of your hair or just add shine to your existing hair colour for up to 24 washes.This formula is ammonia-free, which is less harsh than most permanent hair colour[More] The Wella Color Charm collection consists of two types of products: permanent hair colour and demi-permanent hair colour, both featuring a wide palette of shades.Wella Color Touch professional hair product is only meant to be used by industry professionals, but you can find several websites that sell it online to the general public.Skill level: Moderate Wella Color Touch hair colour Wella Color Touch Emulsion Shampoo Conditioner Towel Protective gloves Rubber apron Hair colouring brush Metal bowl Warm water Using a hair colouring brush, apply the colour mixture evenly beginning at the roots and working toward the ends.

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Dyeing your hair is not as complicat[More] Wella Color Charm Gel hair colour is a brand of hair dye that comes in various colours.