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This inevitably created shortages and oversupply of goods. The value of execution can, in the simplest cases, be boiled down to the successful accomplishment of specific tasks.But where a high degree of uncertainty and change is involved, the value can instead reside in the learning that accompanies execution, whether or not the immediate outcome is successful.A famous example is You Tube, which began as a video dating site back in 2005.The site failed to gain traction, so the founders, leveraging what they had learned while building the original platform, launched another version of the website focusing on sharing videos online, with significantly more success. When goals and tasks are broken down several times into lower-level ones, it can clarify what is required of an individual or department and can therefore help scale the job of execution.For example, if category expansion is critical to value creation in a particular strategy, plans should focus disproportionately on how to achieve this.As former Mars president Paul Michaels shares in : “The job of strategy for a segment leader like us is to drive category growth, and that’s the thing you should be thinking about all the time.”Metric Obsession.In such cases, a holistic perspective of strategy and execution is required. We often treat strategy and execution as separable disciplines, each with its own distinct, and constant, character.

Every action can change perceptions, motivations, and actions, such that a list of individually plausible actions can easily create the opposite of the intended effect.

The offer was implemented so “successfully” that the company could meet neither the demand for vacuum cleaners nor the cost of the flights.

As a consequence, after the courts settled customer complaints, the US-based company had lost £48 million; a few years later, it had to sell its UK branch. Strategic plans are often broken down into different modules for execution by different parts of an organization.

But under the changing conditions of a nascent or recently disrupted industry, a rigid plan can become a straitjacket for the flexibility and adaptation that are required to succeed.

To take a historical example, centrally planned economies in the Eastern Bloc left no space for adaptation to even the simplest types of change, like variation in demand.

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But the worst way to achieve a goal can sometimes be to pursue it directly.