The book on dating by mark dice

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The book on dating by mark dice

However, note the following: 3-1/2 days (or 'times') is exactly half of a week; so the prophetic period seems to indicate half of a period that is started but then completed later the second half of a week. It lasted for exactly three-and-a-half years; and thereafter, it appears as though there were three-and-a-half years between his death and the conversion of the first gentiles.

*Capitals in Bible Names *Captives and Gifts *Captives of Solomon *Cherubs *Chest of Proofs *Cho Bar River *Christian *Cosmos, Arrangement, or World? *Crowns, Turbans, and Diadems D *David Dancing Naked *Day *Day and Hour *Day of the Lord *Dedicated to Destruction *Demonized Man *Demons *Did Aaron Personally Make the Gold Calf? *Eunuchs F *Faith *False Brothers *Fear or Respect? *Footstool *Foreign Wives and Children *Foreskin *Fornication or Sexual Immorality? *Friends of the World *Funeral G *Gadflies or Stable Flies? *Garbage Dump *Gays and Men Who Have Sex with Men *Genesis 4:7 *Gentiles, Nations, or Ethnics *Gnats or Fleas?For history tells us that the Romans mysteriously withdrew to fight another battle (allowing Christians to flee the city per the instructions of Jesus), and they thereafter returned to destroy the city, its priesthood, and its Temple (its entire way of worship) about 3-1/2 years later, in 70-CE.Also note that there may be another half of a week between the fall of Jerusalem and the final conquest of Masada (70 to 74-CE).And then, almost 40 years elapsed between the start of his ministry and the time when Jeru Salem was actually destroyed.But you can see that there's another possible three-and-a-half year period that led up to the fulfillment of that rejection, which started in 66-CE when the Roman armies first attacked Jeru Salem.

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