Spread of misinformation online dating whale wars s05e05 online dating

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Throughout human history, any time one new means of communication arrives and significantly outpaces the previous generation, a period of rectification inevitably occurs.Whether it was the printing press, radio, TV or now the internet, it always takes society time to educate itself to the new communication medium before self-regulation and new social norms arise.

Applied critical thinking is necessary not only to find the truth, but to keep civil society intact for future generations.After establishing an imagined credibility, an attacker can launch his smear campaign against his target.Poisoning a Twitter account with 200,000 bot followers costs 0.Everything from social media promotions, creation of fake comments, and even online vote manipulation are sold at very reasonable prices.Surprisingly, we found that fake news campaigns aren’t always the handiwork of autonomous bots, but can also be carried out by real people via large, crowdsourcing programs.

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A more daunting consequence would be how the story, exposé or points the journalist wanted to divulge or raise will be drowned out by a sea of noise fabricated by the campaign.