Singapore expat and dating

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I worked this job among many others mostly because my parents refused to fund my university education, and that was largely due to me being what polite people might call “academically disinclined”.

I basically got shitty grades for the entire duration of my school career, and I had trouble staying awake during classes that didn’t interest me.

Jenn from HR, if still employed, is probably replying to Dr. The people around me seem to think that I am winning.1983 was a good year, according to Wikipedia, 1983 saw the official beginning of the internet and the first cell phone call.I share my exact birth date with a sumo wrestler, an actor, a serial killer, a singer, and a Polish footballer among countless others.She must be crying now because she realizes that she made a giant mistake and fucked the company out of ,000USD by blindly hiring a guy who might have been a career criminal and for all we know could have been released from prison just months ago. She walks in, tissue still in hand, eyes red from crying. Half of these people must be blood relatives of the big boss, because there is no other legitimate reason to have them on staff.She says, “He went to Yonsei, I don’t understand…….and….and……and he promised he was going to take me out to dinner! Note to self; speak to big boss after police leave, or possibly tomorrow. Gomez Kim also needs to go…or maybe not…him around for comic relief. But Jenn from HR absolutely has to go, and the HR people aren’t going to fire themselves, so the big boss will have to do it. The sun passes behind the perma-layer of toxic air pollutants, turning the sky brownish orange.

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He puts his face over her shoulder and starts whispering in her ear. They give monetary rewards to staff members who go certain lengths of time without smoking, and they rely on the ‘office snitch’ system to keep everyone honest.