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For both groups of resources, longer growing seasons would tend to increase resource acquisition, and shorter growing seasons would tend to decrease resource acquisition.

We conducted a meta-analysis on 65 studies that analysed the effect of pot size on growth and underlying variables.Bar-Yosef B, Schwartz S, Markovich T, Lucas B, Assaf R (1988) Effect of root volume and nitrate solution concentration on growth, fruit yield, and temporal N and water uptake by apple trees.Plant and Soil 107, 49–56.| Climent J, Chambel MR, Pardos M, Lario F, Villar-Salvador P (2011) Biomass allocation and foliage heteroblasty in hard pine species respond differentially to reduction in rooting volume.New Phytologist 169, 623–635.| PHENOPSIS, an automated platform for reproducible phenotyping of plant responses to soil water deficit in Arabidopsis thaliana permitted the identification of an accession with low sensitivity to soil water deficit.Houle G, Babeux P (1998) The effects of collection date, IBA, plant gender, nutrient availability, and rooting volume on adventitious root and lateral shoot formation by Salix planifolia stem cuttings from the Ungava Bay area (Quebec, Canada). Jahnke S, Menzel I, Van Dusschoten D, Roeb GW, Bühler J, Minwuyelet S, Blümler P, Temperton VM, Hombach T, Streun M, Beer S, Khodaverdi M, Ziemons K, Coenen HH, Schurr U (2009) Combined MRI–PET dissects dynamic changes in plant structures and functions.

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Alteration of plant phenology by global climate change may alter the ability of plants to acquire soil resources (water and nutrients) by altering the timing and duration of the deployment of roots and leaves, which drive resource acquisition.

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