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Calumon is also able to help Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon digivolve, and with the help of the Digi Gnomes he was even able to trigger the Digivolution of Digimon throughout the entire Digital World in order to prepare for the upcoming fight against the D-Reaper, because he is the concept of Digimon, the "Digi-", given form.During Digivolution, a Digimon's appearance changes, and many of its other classifications (such as attribute and family) also sometimes do.The Digimon's fighting ability increases significantly, and the resulting Digimon is considered to be of a different .However, Digimon species which are connected through Digivolution are generally similar in appearance.

However, these Digimon will generally de-digivolve or degenerate back into a lower form after a fight.

The Centarumon in Digimon Adventure and the Centarumon in Digimon Frontier share the same name because they are of the same species.

However, they are not the same individual, and are different in appearance and voice.

Digimon couple and reproduce sexually, When both male and female members of a species appear, they are either depicted with obviously different designs between males and females, as with Beastmon or Mervamon and Ignitemon, or they lack secondary sex characteristics altogether.

The name of a Digimon species is usually based on its form, and may be a pun.

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When Yolei is away in Kyoto, Poromon begins to feel weaker each day.

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