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“In the winter of 1967,” Witt says, “my roommate, Rex Seifert, and I had the bright and literary idea of sticking a big scarlet letter A on the chest of the Alma Mater statue, which we did one snowy midnight, amid lots of laughing and looking out for cops.

Then we called the Daily Illini — anonymously, of course — to let them know. I’ll never forget how majestic that statue looked: brown leaves littering the sidewalk, sounds from Altgeld Hall’s bell echoing in the air and the students rushing to make class with the chilly wind in our faces — all in front of that timeless monument.” — Energy company CEO Tonise Paul found her happy place.

You’ll find 100 special video messages we received from alumni across the globe.

Among them: singing judges, a Red Cross worker in hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico and the CEO who became the first African-American billionaire.

— Fifty years ago, Global Gun Safety Gary Witt can confess now, he and a pal pulled a prank that made local headlines.

I’m the first in my family out of 62 to become an officer and I can’t think of any better place to have earned my commission into the best Air Force the world has ever seen.” — Now-Nike global sportswear communications director Jered Thorp found the most picturesque view of campus ... “Disclaimer: This probably isn’t legal and isn’t necessarily safe,” he warns, but “the roof of the Armory is something that changed my entire perspective of campus.

“A buddy and exceptional ROTC leader showed me a ‘secret’ hatch in a top-floor classroom, which will remain unnamed for safety sake.

I spent a lot of time there, and it was one of my favorite places — save some very challenging classes — on campus.” — Local legal giant Dick Thies celebrated graduation from law school ...

six-plus decades ago: “I was a member of the last law school class to graduate from that beautiful building.

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“He was running track for Mizzou, and Illinois was hosting a meet during the indoor season. I had just come off of an Olympic summer and he was preparing for the NFL draft.