My sister is dating a sociopath which online dating site has the most women

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My sister is dating a sociopath

If your brother, sister, cousin or aunt, are thus endowed you might feel ashamed, doomed, tainted, from poor stock, responsible somehow as if you should have been able to stop the madness.It is especially hard to get your mind around it if you are the target.Though brief, psychotic or paranoid episodes might occur, anti-social people are not insane. Current research suggests that while nurture plays a role, much of personality and temperament can be attributed to genetics.The main problem is lack of conscience, compassion and reciprocity in relationships. Modeling is a reality and traumatized children may identify with tormentors but cruel and callous personalities start with hard wiring.In my practice, I have learned of love affairs and abandoned children, rent money squandered on drinking binges and hotels, funds stolen from impaired parents, false accusations of elder abuse by one sibling about another in an effort to destroy family ties and increase inheritance funds, child molestation by teachers and chronic verbal intimidation.

A charged word that implies moral judgment, evil is not a descriptive term or diagnosis in the DSM.Self-gratification is really all that matters, the guiding principle of daily life.Often psychopaths try to convince others that they are a persecuted party.For kin to want to ruin you is a taboo mind twister, but it happens.Fury is fine, but do not waste time seeking revenge.

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Dr, Stuart Samenow, author of "Inside the Criminal Mind," covers this in his Psychology Today blog.

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