Mt st helens dating methods

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Mt st helens dating methods

This seems like a great place to keep myself updated in this heated debate between Creation science and Darwinian nonsense. It won’t be much, but I’d like to do what I can.Though being an electrical engineer student, I may or may get involved with much biology in my future career; I still hope that my appreciation for God’s design may help me become a better designer myself.” (an undergrad in California) “ Your site is great. Whoever is doing the writing and researching is a genius: witty, funny, insightful, informed and always right on...make the darwinian farce look utterly laughable. I feel this issue is the primary issue standing between humanism and revival in America and the world.” (a reader in Florida) “ I have just recently started studying this science of God stuff with some degree of diligence and I am astonished at what I did not know and did not understand, despite my 58 years, and 4 Master’s Degrees, to include from an Ivy League school.Some of my favorite articles are the biomimetics articles revealing the fantastic design that is obvious to anyone not blinded by the evolutionary goggles.The commentaries are priceless, and love the embedded humor and clever innuendoes... ” (a database administrator in Texas) “ Creation Evolution Headlines is my favorite website on intelligent design and Darwinism.I am so thankful for your website containing your insightful and educational articles that reveal your understanding of science and God’s word.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Great stuff.” (a historian in Australia) “ You do a terrific job on snatching content from the headlines and filtering it for stupidity and lockstep paradigm thinking!Not only are you on top of things but you do garnish the dish well!Thank you for your efforts to get the true word out.” (a reader in Alabama) “ Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy creation headlines.I check them every few days and constantly gain perspective.

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I check in nearly every day.” (an associate pastor in California who works with college grad students) “ I’ve been a fan of your site for some time, since a friend in an intelligent design group I joined (quite clandestine for the sake of job security of those involved) clued me in to it. I can’t say enough about your highly credible scientific arguments, your incisive dissection of the issues, and your practical format. (a physician, surgeon and writer in Georgia) “ Nice site.

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