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There's even a "subway" matchmaker who sets up blind dates with cute commuters she meets on the train.

The crucial assumption here, of course, is that what people think they want is what they actually need.What is assumed, but not tested, however, is that this is a good thing—that those with compatible personalities make more successful couples than those without.To examine this proposition, Dr Finkel draws on a study published in 2010 by Portia Dyrenforth of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, in Geneva, New York.FOR as long as humans have romanced each other, others have wanted to meddle.Whether those others were parents, priests, friends or bureaucrats, their motive was largely the same: they thought they knew what it took to pair people off better than those people knew themselves. Second, single wannabe lovers are queuing up to use it, rather than resenting its nagging.

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In it, Dr Finkel and his colleagues cast a sceptical eye over the whole multi-billion-dollar online dating industry, and they are deeply unconvinced. The researchers' first observation is not so much what the studies they examined have shown, but what they have been unable to show, namely how any of the much-vaunted partner-matching algorithms actually work. Many firms preserve their intellectual property as trade secrets, rather than making it public by patenting it, and there is no reason why internet dating sites should not be among them.