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We protect your phone number and your identity is never revealed to other callers.

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Queers is the largest, serious and global marriage dating platform for gay and lesbians.

We review profiles of each member and help members find their match quickly,no spam profile. Lavender Marriage is different with normal marriage, we may can defined it as a way to compromise the society.

In the Bible, Mary used "Nard" on baby Jesus, another name for Nardus, the name for the lavender plant in Syria during the time of the Romans.At the same time, we will use intelligent matching technology basing on huge data to find the most suitable one for you quickly.[PRIVACY]Personal privacy is stored with the highest level of confidentiality.And, after you find the right person here, you can close the account.Ancient Pharos and the social elite used lavender unguents cosmetically and in embalming practices.Urns of what appears to be Lavender have been found in the ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings, most famously, King Tutenkamen's.

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She even created an official title called the "Purvey of Lavender Essence to the Queen!

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