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A: Shortly after graduating at MLML, I collaborated with co-investigators from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (Gregor Cailliet, Lisa Kerr, Jason Cope), the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG; Robert Lea, David Ven Tresca, and Eric Knaggs), and San Francisco State University (Ralph Larson) on a project entitled, “Biological Characteristics of Nearshore Fishes of California.” I surveyed and reviewed existing literature on the life history characteristics of the nearshore fishes of California included in the Marine Life Management Act, and other vulnerable species.

A: To pursue a career in the marine sciences, I suggest the following: 1) a strong foundation in the physical, biological, ecological, and perhaps social sciences; 2) learn how to apply science to the real world; 3) learn how policy is made and how science is used for decision making; 4) learn how to communicate your science to your colleagues and the general public. References: cosmic ray intensities" The IBM Journal of Research and Development, Volume 40, No.Level up your fighting character with the best perks and attributes to keep winning tougher battles.I’m not sure if the latter could have been avoided.A: I suggest taking a breadth of science and math classes (including oceanography, biology, ecology, geology, chemistry, physics, calculus).

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The challenge is interpreting and applying the results for policy decisions.

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