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You can see there is an interim set of nutplates as well, should we ever have a 5'7" pilot, I guess Well Bruce I took your advice.

After finishing the oil door I was going to wrap the empennage fairing but I decided to have a go at the upper cowling.

So I went goofing off today with my uncle, just a chance to burn some fuel and recalibrate my head.

0.7 on the hobbs and the sun is going down, time to park it.

On the night of December 1, 2017, I flew my RV-8, N898W, Descending Dove, to Tehachapi, CA (TSP) and spent the night in the pilots lounge.

I found after-hours access to a room with plenty of space on the floor to inflate my mattress and unroll a sleeping bag. The links to albums at the end have hundreds of spectacular pictures of you and all your RV buddies and buddettes! There are a few tricks to learn like when to use heat and when to not along with where to start applying the film when it comes to complex shapes.

Moving to a much larger peice of vinyl was a little more difficult than I had imagined.

The backing material that is removed is fairly thick and does not want to bend.

If there is anything dangling from the ignition key, it may hit the stick when deflected or be a nuisance on your leg; 3.The material is relatively strong, it will stretch and it will shrink.It will also tear, especially when heated or over stretched.As soon as the mains touched down on the 30-foot wide pavement I noticed it pulling right, within less than a second it was pulling right A LOT and I knew what was happening.Full left rudder was OK through about 40 knots then left brake and more left brake, to the point I was almost sliding the left wheel coming down through about 10 knots but kept it on the runway.

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