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They will drink their fill, and make you believe that it was all your idea, the offering of your neck. The enlightening of all of the senses, both my own, and yours, to secure your seduction, to achieve my ultimate aim.

Before I impress upon you that I will control your cock, that your balls are mine, that your capacity or even your right to pleasure is mine, I must ascertain that you want to give your cock to me, that you want your balls in my capable hands, and that your orgasm means nothing to you unless it pleases me.

They include a program on a CD called SADP that you run, finds the cameras and you can change the IP address to one that’s appropriate for your home network.

I’ll go over some of the setup screens of interest.

After setting the IP address in SADP, you can change it again under Network, but since that’s done, the next step may be configuring the ports if you want to access the cameras from the internet.

What I like to do is make them sequential, for example, I would make the HTTP port 5000, RTSP port 5001, HTTPS port 5002 and SDK port 5003 and then in my router I would setup port forward range from 5000-5003.

It is the response that most gratifies me, whether that response is desperation, or ecstasy. ”, some of you submissive men and gurls might say, “You are a Mistress! A vampire cannot come into your home unless you invite them. But once they are invited, a mere mortal is almost powerless against the pull of their seduction.

In theory, you can surface mount it on a wall, but you would lose the ability to pan because as you pan the image will tilt.

Hikvision does make a 3-axis dome that I will cover soon in another article.

For me, the means of exercising that aggression, of achieving that control, are not always what one might expect of a Domme in the formal sense of the term.

The means by which I assert my desire for control in an erotic phone sex session is dependent on a few factors–one of them being the particular tastes of the caller seeking me out for a kinky phone sex session, and another being how much control you want to concede to me.

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Not every scenario that involves myself and a man from whom I desire satisfaction involves my most dominant mistress side.