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It’s not progressive to show a lesbian character, hype her, bring in a huge LGBTQ audience, and then simply kill her off.

It’s not progressive when we are only included to be killed.

Finding LGBTQ characters in today’s media is hard enough–in their most recent report on TV, GLAAD has reported that LGBTQ characters make up only 4.8% of the characters on broadcast TV–but finding ones that stay alive is becoming close to impossible.In other states, the high courts have upheld the new laws.The purpose of this article is to educate you all about why these new laws may or may not ultimately be determined to be illegal.The message that TV show runners are giving queer women who are desperate to see themselves represented is that we can be gay in the sense of being queer but we cannot be gay in the sense of being happy.On December 20, 2012, Pennsylvania will begin enforcing its new changes to Megan's Law.

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It just might help those struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

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